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KS ALPINA – car, boat or camping trailer protection

An innovative care product provides the best long term protection without damaging the surface. Scratch and hit resistant. 5-component protective layer provides a consistent gloss.
This nano technology based product can be used for:

  • protecting your car, boat or camping trailer
  • lacquered surface polishing and weather effect protection
  • increasing the durability of paint and it's Uv-beam protection properties
  • protection from snow, salt, industrial dust and other aggresive substances such as acid rain
  • increasing corrosion resistance
  • protection from various solvents
  • removing tar, rust and insects
  • convering fine surface scratches caused by washing, finger nails and such
  • cleaning without leaving white traces on plastic surfaces, indents, crevices and grout lines

Price: 99,90kn*

*Cost of shipping not included in the price

Additional information


The concentrate is a certified product tested in laboratories and workshops. Suitable for care of metalized, lacquered, multi coated lacqueres as well as new lacquer. With this product you can forget about dust and dirt.

  • all smooth surfaces such as lacquer, metal, chrome, nickle and copper
  • plastic surfaces such as plastic windows
  • marble and ceramic tiles
  • enamel
  • suited for cleaning scratched plastic parts like fenders and mirrors
  • does not damage treated surfaces


Thoroughly clean all the filth you couldn't before and shorten the time you spend cleaning:
  • before treatment the surface needs to be clean of all external effects
  • shake well before use
  • apply to surface or a cotton cloth and rub evenly
  • after application us a dry cotton cloth to polish to a high gloss
  • keep from freezing
Packaging: 500ml


After treating the surface doesn't change color and is easier to clean:

  • filth is easily removed from lacquered surfaces without damaging it
  • after treating the surface is especiall clean and protected
  • time spent on washing your car is a lot shorter and easier
  • dust particles, grease and other ecological hazards do not stick to your car as much
  • it can be used in wet, dry and sunny weather
  • provides long term protection

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