Registered car service for Suzuki vehicles

Servicing other motor vehicles

Our aim is the satisfaction of our clients!

Our registered Suzuki car service offers experience and professionally educated employees, top quality in repairing your Suzuki vehicles, selling and installation of spare parts with guarantees for the parts and service.

Our car dealership is equipped for repairing and maintaining all brands of personal automobiles..
Speed, quality and affordable prices are the basic criteria which make our customers happy, and put us at the forefront of prominent repair shops.

Why us?

Extra services

„Tire hotel“offers storage for your off-season tires and keeps them stored until the next season.

Original Suzuki oils should be changed at intervals suggested by the manufacturer, so that your vehicle might function flawlessly.

„PS drive service“ offers its services when you are busy, and drives your car to the shop instead of you, and drives it back to your home if you are in a 10 km radius.

Roadside assistance is used only when the defect disables you from continuing your drive, and is included in the list of guarantees.

Payment :

Payment type

  • MasterCard i Maestro kartice Zagrebačke banke: 2-12 installments without interest
  • MasterCard Zagrebačke banke – consumer credit up to 36 installments
  • American Express: 2-4 installments without interest
  • Diners: 2-12 installments without interest

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